With this ring.....

This is a true story: my wedding ring went missing during our ceremony! As one of our close friends was doing her reading, Daniel looked at the ring cushions and silently mouthed to me "there's only one ring!" You see on the wedding video how I smile at him here. I didn't care. I was SO GLAD to FINALLY be stood getting married to him (I'm not ashamed to admit I'd been hinting - read nagging - to Daniel that we really should get married for the longest time!) that a missing ring was not going to blot my day.

As the Best Man glanced down the aisle in a panic I realised that the ring had never made it to the ceremony. My Ring Bearer had told me that there was only one ring while we were leaving to attend the ceremony. I said that I guessed that "Uncle Daniel has my ring and I have his!" Meanwhile, in a box, in a hotel room, hiding in the tissue paper that had so elegantly wrapped the ring pillow, was a shiny band of gold dotted with five diamonds that we had so excitedly picked out together. Oops!

I'm not a flapper, I'm a problem solver and instinct kicked in. While our trusty friend was still doing her reading, I mouthed to my brother that "we only have one ring". With the synergy and telepathic communication that only exists between siblings, he got the message and passed his wedding ring down the aisle to the front where it was immediately slipped onto the ring pillow. All this was done with such slickness and finesse that beyond my smile to Dan (and I was doing a lot of smiling!) and the best-man-glance on the video, there is no evidence that the ring was ever not-present.

By the time we were exchanging rings, two rings were waiting to seal our bond. Daniel was so thrown when he went to put my ring on that he accidentally picked up my brother's ring. That was fine although a little loose. However, when I came to put MY ring on HIS finger, it wouldn't get past the knuckle as it was sized for my hand. Again, not a fluster from me. I just said the vows and covered his finger so nobody would spot the mess-up. From a distance it must have looked like I was lovingly holding his hand. Nope, I was covering the screw-up! The instant that she could, Maid-Of-Honour was flying back to the room to check for the missing ring and it was soon discovered, despatched and everyone was wearing the correct jewellery before we'd had the photographs of us fake-signing the register!

Now, you might think that I'm blasé about a missing ring. To some people this would be huge. But my point is this: something, somewhere on your wedding day will not go to plan. Hopefully it will be a minutia and nobody will notice. But even if it is something pretty big like an entire wedding ring going missing, don't panic. Your wedding day is about you and your partner becoming a team. As long as you are both there, wanting to profess your love, everything else is merely beautiful addition. And while I ADORE to photograph the beautiful additions, my absolute favourite part of a wedding is to get that sneaky photograph of the bride and groom where they are exchanging a secret look that shows that it really is about the love in the room. And if your wedding ring does happen to go missing, don't worry, I'll lend you mine xx

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