Edie & Elliot

I've known Edie and Elliot's Mum for some time. Edie is in the same tai jutsu class as my eldest and, as we Mums tend to do, we have got chatting over time and realised that we make each other laugh and share a lot of similar interests. She thinks I'm mad. I can't imagine why. I mean, just because I pulled out a Harry Potter cape and Gryffindor tie from my bag at the last class that doesn't make me bonkers, does it? Right?

Anyway, I digress. I've been wanting to do some pics for Amanda for ages because she makes me smile so much and she has promised me that I can borrow Edie to do a styled Rapunzel shoot when the weather improves. You'll see how Edie's hair is so beautiful and long in the photos and it would be criminal not to make some sort of cool record of that for when she's older. Plus, I selfishly needed to test out a new lens and I don't like to test during an actual shoot so I tend to borrow people to be my guinea pigs! Also, there is no doubt in my mind that Edie is going to be a real-life ninja lady when she is older so I will have a claim to fame that I photographed her once-upon-a-time!

As you'd expect in North West England in January, the weather had been cold and wet leading up to the shoot, but the kids bravely donned their boots and came out with Amanda then we went to the woods that they all play in.

What a glorious little spot they have right near their house. This whole shoot took literally 30 minutes. The kids were completely awesome and really up for having their photo taken! Elliot is the same age as my youngest little man and really reminds me of him. He clearly ADORES to be outside and was really excited to show me the pond where they watch the frog spawn turn into tadpoles and the carved snake in the woods as well and the wooden mushrooms and balance beams that had been placed there. He'd also chosen a new hat that week and loved wearing it. I have to say, I think he wore it well. Cool dude!

Luckily it was nice and shady in the woods so no harsh lights and shadows. Hoorah! So I got out the new lens, popped it on and bam! This! I'm so excited by this new toy. Elliot was next to try out the new lens. It's a manual focus so I have to be quick. The last time I used manual focus was (cough) years ago when I was taking photography class in America. Of course I am manual everywhere else but the lenses I have are all auto focus and who wouldn't take advantage of that? Concentrating on absolutely 100% manual was loads of fun!

I was so pleased with the results of their shoot. I was deliberating whether to offer shoots outside because of the weather being so unreliable. However, I'm now firmly in favour in wrapping up and braving the elements. The children clearly love it!

As soon as I got home I uploaded the images and sent a few to Amanda. She was super happy with what she has received. In fact, "breath taking" was one word that she used. Yay!

So, what are your thoughts? Whilst I love the control of a studio it's certainly fun to be on my toes managing light, weather and mud!!!!

Here are a few other piccies from our fun session in the woods! Thanks to Amanda and kids for indulging me on a cold, January afternoon and coming out to play at picture taking!

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