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Let’s get one thing straight.... we love weddings!  It is always such an honour to be asked to be part of somebody’s special day.  It’s a joyous occasion.  Everyone looks beautiful, particularly the bride.  It is true there is something radiant about a bride (and the groom always looks dapper of course!).

Husband and wife team Emma and Daniel have been photographing weddings for over 5 years.  We've been all over the North West of England and Wales and as far as Dublin to capture people's special memories.  Our style is modern and journalistic.  We try to blend in as much as possible.  Of course there are always some necessary posed photographs but we discuss exactly what you need beforehand and once we have them in the bag, we let you get on with your special day.  While you are busy mingling with your guests and enjoying yourselves, we will be busy capturing the atmosphere and details which you have worked so hard to create.  Because we have met at least a couple of times before your wedding, you will feel at ease with us.  We will have discussed the type of images that you have in mind and we will make sure you get them.

We are somewhat geeky when it comes to making sure we have everything prepared.  We have several copies of your posed photograph list (laminated!) on our persons so we definitely get those pics.  We always visit the venue before the big day so that we can scope out all the optimal places for photo opportunities.  Basically, you can leave it to us and rest assured that we will be working away to give you a beautiful reminder of your amazing day!