Let’s get one thing straight.... we love weddings!  Our clients mean the world to us.  It is always such an honour to be asked to be part of somebody’s special day.  It’s a joyous occasion.  Everyone looks beautiful, particularly the bride.  It is true there is something radiant about a bride (and the groom always looks dapper of course!).

Husband and wife team Emma and Daniel have been photographing weddings for over a decade.  We've been all over the North West of England and Wales and as far as Dublin to capture people's special memories. 

We love capturing the little moments that could otherwise be missed; a glance between couples; the bride sneaking a peak at how stunning she looks before she leaves to meet her groom; the Groom's nervous sigh as the wedding march starts up; the cutest bridesmaid taking her duties ever so seriously.  These are precious, one-off moments and we're lucky enough to be able to record them and hand them over to their rightful owners.  

Before your wedding we will meet with you on several occasions to discuss your photography aspirations.  It's essential that you feel comfortable with us so an engagement shoot is included with every booking.  This give you the chance to get used to being photographed by us and then on the big day you're not intimidated or nervous around the camera as you know you're going to look stunning having seen the results of your engagement shoot.


We keep formal photographs to a minimal list that we will have agreed with you beforehand and otherwise we encourage you to mingle with your guests while we are busy capturing the atmosphere and details which you have worked so hard to create.